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Complaint Verification

Verification through Departmental Vigilance Officers (DVO)

Many complaints are also referred to the Departmental Vigilance Officers for conducting verification. The report of Departmental Vigilance Officer is analyzed in the ACB to initiate appropriate action.

Referral of complaints to DVO’s

The institution of Departmental Vigilance Officers (DVO’s) was formally established in the state of J&K vide Circular No. 14 of 2002 dated 19.06.2002 issued by GAD which delineated the duties and responsibilities of DVO’s. It was vide GAD Circular Order No.12 of 2003 dated 26.05.2003 where under need for internal vigilance in various departments was emphasized. Accordingly following three tier system of DVO’s was established:

  1. State Level DVO’s
  2. Province level DVO’s
  3. District level DVO’s

The institution of department vigilance officers is a step forward towards utilizing officers in the field within the concerned department to provide a helping hand to curb corrupt practices. Anti-graft system is to be recognized as a management function in every sector of governance. We have to build structure, process and systems in such a manner so as to prevent leakage which adversely effect productivity and profitability. Unless internal Anti-graft system in government departments improves, it will be difficult to achieve objective of corruption free administration. With regard to internal Anti-graft system the institution of departmental Vigilance Officers has attained great relevance in recent times.

Advantages of institution of DVOs and what is expected of DVOs;

  • DVOs are well informed about the integrity of their colleagues in the department. Therefore, they can help in ensuring that honest officials are not harassed by unscrupulous elements by lodging false and frivolous complaints.
  • when complaints are referred to departmental Vigilance Officers sometimes there is timely rectification of the alleged wrongs and redressel of grievances of a complainant. This ‘therapeutic effect’ acts as safety valve by reducing conflict within the system and also pre-empts imminent loss to the exchequer.
  • Supervision is the key and the DVOs are better placed to follow up the action taken on supervisory notes and audit reports of their respective departments. This can bring in greater accountability and transparency.
  • DVOs due to their proximity, have better insight and appreciation into the working of a department. These departmental Vigilance officers by virtue of this knowledge can act as ‘nodal agency’ for strengthening of internal anti-graft system.
  • DVOs can help in identifying corrupt officers so that an agreed list is prepared in consultation with ACB. This spirit is amplified in circular No.12 of 2003 of GAD.
  • DVOs can serve as eyes and ears of ACB. They can share in confidence, actionable intelligence in specific instances of bribery and corrupt practices with the ACB so that these unscrupulous elements can be targeted under law.
  • DVOs accompanying ACB officials during Joint Surprise Check renders valuable professional help, by virtue of having insight and expertise in functioning of their departments.

Do’s & Don’ts for DVO’s.

  • As far as practicable, all enquiries upon complaints forwarded by ACB should be conducted by DVO’s themselves.
  • It is necessary to ascertain reputation of suspect in discreet manner.
  • Enquiry should be discreet and allegations should not be shared with the suspect public servant.
  • Complainant may be called by DVO’s for addressing his grievance and for seeking assistance, if any required from his side.
  • The enquiry should be completed at the earliest & report be forwarded to DACB without any delay. It has been observed that the DVO reports do not reach ACB despite lapse of years. Necessary reliable documents and on the basis of which decision has been arrived at should also be annexed with report for their examination in ACB.
  • The reports should not be devoid of recommendations. A sequential report with findings & recommendations of DVO/EO should be forwarded.
  • The DVO’s must keep supervision/vigil over the officers/officials of their respective departments & whenever any act which attracts provisions discussed above comes to fore, same be shared with ACB at earliest along with supporting evidence.
  • It is incumbent upon DVO’s to keep integrity & honesty while dealing with ACB matter, as some are of delicate nature & contain aspirations of many.




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