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Historical Background

History & Organizational Structure

The offences of corruption and bribery against Government Employees were initially covered only under the provisions of Ranbir Penal Code, 1989 Bikrami (1932 A.D). Up to 1949 A.D. cases in this behalf were registered and investigated by Local Police.

After the enactment of J&K Prevention of Corruption Act, 2006 Bikrami (1949 AD), a separate wing called “Anti-Corruption Wing” was formed in the State Crime Branch for conducting the investigation of cases covered under Prevention of Corruption Act. However, in 1962 a separate organization, called “Anti-Corruption Organization” was created to investigate all cases relating to bribery and corruption.

With the passage of time, various Acts were enacted to deal effectively with the menace of corruption. Most important among those enactments were, Prevention of Corruption Laws (amendment) Act, 1983 A.D. by virtue of which the “Anti-Corruption Organization” was renamed as “State Vigilance Organization”, and J&K Public Men and Public Servants Declaration of Assets and Other Provisions Act, 1983 A.D.

By virtue of this Act, the elected representatives of various public bodies, MLAs and Ministers were brought under the purview of Corruption Laws and filing of Annual Property Returns was made mandatory for all public servants and public men. Failure to do so was made an offence under P.C. Act, 2006 Bikrami (1949 A.D.).

To streamline the investigations, two Police Stations were set up, one at Jammu and another at Srinagar vide SRO 229 of 1976 dated 23.4.1976. These Police Stations take cognizance of offences under P.C.Act, 2006 Bikrami (1949 A.D.).

Laws enforced by State Vigilance Organization

Offences related to corruption envisaged in Ranbir Penal Code (RPC), 1989 Bikrami (1932 A.D), which is substantive penal law for J&K, equivalent to Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Offences related to corruption envisaged in the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2006 Bikrami (1949 A.D)

Offences related to Public Servants envisaged in the Jammu & Kashmir Public Men and Public Servants Declaration of Assets and Other Provisions Act,1983 A.D.

Reorganization of Vigilance Organization to Anti Corruption Bureau

The nomenclature of Vigilance Organization Jammu & Kashmir has been be rechristened as to Directorate of Anti-Corruption Bureau Jammu & Kashmir by making suitable amendments in the State Vigilance Commission Act./ P.C. Act.




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